Live Painting

11/7(水)、THE BLUE LOVE sense+KAZ が、渋谷ヒカリエ 8/ CUBEのガラス面にライブペイントを行います!

Live Painting




BONLAB ウォーキングステッキ

BONLAB ウォーキングステッキ BONLAB Walking Stick

BONLAB / 平成電子株式会社

【 手で「握る」から手を「乗せる」という新発想 】



From the viewpoint of universal design, BONLAB creates new value consciousness in the cane industry through the development of high-design products combining functionality and fashionability that satisfy the mind satisfaction regardless of young people. With a new idea of ​​"holding" hands from "holding" by hand, beautifully and functionally up to the feet, ingenuity for comfortable walking is kept everywhere. Products are carefully manufactured and assembled at our own factory in Tokyo. You can patronize to a wide range of gifts for young people themselves and parents.





People purely want to ride a cool machine.
We propose a model with state-of-the-art technology fused with a sophisticated design like a formula car.

It is a borderless mobility which does not choose a user.
Users can seek drivability and expand their own physical abilities with it.

A new alternative which people want to ride and play with some day is the type of a mobility which we, RDS, aim for.

アクティブムーブチェア「ウェルツ セルフ」

アクティブムーブチェア「ウェルツ セルフ」 Active Move Chair 「Weltz-self」


「ウェルツ セルフ」は座ったままの姿勢で安心・安全にスムーズに移動できるチェアです。オフィスや工場などの「はたらく場」だけでなく、美術館や図書館などの公共施設でも、多様な人々の活躍をサポートします。大型車輪は着座時の身体の重心付近に配置することで、旋回半径が小さく、その場での旋回性に優れています。また、脚部の開口を広くすることで、足を動かした際にフレームと干渉せず、足こぎ移動がしやすい形状を目指しました。さらに、体格差に対応するため、座面の高さは3段階で調節でき、座面の奥行は通常の椅子よりも浅めにすることで、座ったまま足をスムーズに動かせるように配慮しています。

More and more elderly and physically disabled persons will be entering the workplace and other areas. This makes it essential to create a better workplace environment. “Weltz-self” is built for smooth movement with the user still seated in it. It was designed to support active human life in diverse locations including offices, factories, and museums. By mounting the large wheels near the body center-of-gravity, we achieved a small turning radius and superb on-the-spot swiveling. We widened the opening of the frame to achieve easy leg chair walking with no binding on the frame during leg movement. Height of the seat is adjustable in 3-steps



「Weltz-EV」は、幅595mm、奥行895mmとコンパクト設計。大型車輪を身体の重心付近に配置したことで、旋回性に優れ(旋回直径 1270mm)、狭いオフィスやエレベーターの中でも自由に移動が可能です。一般的な執務デスクの天板高さ720mmと合わせて使用しやすいように、アームレスト前端の操作部の高さを635mmに設定。天板と操作部分が当たらずに体をデスクに近づけることが可能です。



上下昇降デスク「スイフト」 Swift




Many workspaces only offer seated work options which can limit movement and hamper office health and productivity. Enhance the office well-being with SW height-adjustable tables. SW was meticulously designed and engineered to create a comfortable experience that energizes workers and elevates office interiors. The minimal design features a refined color palette, sweeping comfort-sloped edges, and tasteful matte laminates.

Oticon Opn™ (オーティコン オープン)

Oticon Opn™ (オーティコン オープン)


補聴器のパラダイムシフトとなる「オーティコン オープン(Opn)」。従来の補聴器の指向性機能から脱却し、周囲360度にあふれるたくさんの音を実感できる補聴器です。「脳」から聞こえを考え開発されているOpn補聴器は、一日中つけていても疲れにくく聞き取りに集中でき、会話の理解が向上します。iPhoneを使ってテレビや電話の音声を直接補聴器に届けることも可能。さらにOpnはインターネットにつながる世界初の補聴器であり、IoT(モノのインターネット)にも対応。インターネットとつながることで、補聴器の可能性はますます広がり、生活がより便利になります。

With Oticon Opn, traditional hearing aid technology is a thing of the past. The ground-breaking technology in Oticon Opn processes sounds 50 times faster, giving your brain a more complete soundscape, and putting you – not your hearing aid – in charge of which sounds you focus on. The result is greater mastery of your conversations with less effort. Oticon Opn is also the world’s first hearing aid that connects directly to the internet via the If This Then That network (IFTTF.com). Wearers can connect to a range of IFTTT-enabled devices used in everyday life. Opn can make user's everyday life easier.


Guidosimplex(グイドシンプレックス) Guidosimplex


社会貢献活動の一環として「Be yourself」をテーマに、すべての人々が自分らしく輝ける社会の実現を目指すアルファ ロメオは、アルファ ロメオ横浜町田店の協力のもと、ヨーロッパで身障者用手動運転補助装置として広く知られているGuidosimplex(グイドシンプレックス)のシミュレーション機器を展示いたします。この装置の特徴は、オリジナルのステアリング裏にアクセルリングを装着し、指先でアクセルリングを左右にスライドすることでアクセルをコントロールします。「両手」でのステアリング及びアクセル操作ができることがこの装置の最大の特徴です。ステアリング裏へ装置を設置するため見た目が非常にすっきりしており、純正車内エクステリアデザインイメージを崩す事なく使用が可能です。

Alfa Romeo is the Automotive brand with a strong unique personality.This is why we value diversity and support non profit organizations and activities aiming to increase inclusivity in Japan, since 2011, within our project “Be Yourself”.
In collaboration with the dealer GST- Alfa Romeo Yokohama Machida showroom, Alfa Romeo will display the simulation machine Guidosimplex, widely known in Europe as a support device for disabled drivers.
A key feature of this device is the accelerator attached to the back of the steering wheel, making it possible to control the vehicles acceleration by sliding the accelerator ring to the left and right with fingertips. Another exceptional feature of this device is that possibility to handle steering and acceleration with both hands.
The kit is extremely functional and easy to use and its design is very clean so that the installation doesn’t affect the stylish interior design.

coming soon

kupo kupo



Should I walk? Should I drive ?
kupo is a multi-use vehicle designed and developed by Suzuki to give you the world's first and most unique shopping experience.




「&HAND / アンドハンド」はLINEなどを活用し、身体・精神的な不安や困難を抱えた人と手助けをしたい人をマッチングし、具体的な行動をサポートするサービスです。「&HAND」のヴィジョン「やさしさから やさしさが生まれる社会の実現」や、PLAYERSの活動に共感した企業からなる活動体「&HAND」プロジェクトについて、オープンイノベーションによる最新プロジェクトや、視覚障害者向けの新サービス「VIBLO by &HAND」などをご紹介します。また、妊婦向けのサービス「スマート・マタニティマーク by &HAND」を実際にご体験いただけます。

“&HAND / andhand” is a service that supports tangible actions by matching people who have physical/mental anxiety or difficulty with those who want to help them.
We would like to introduce the &HAND vision “Realization of the society where one kindness creates the other kindness” , the “&HAND” projects by a group consisting of companies that sympathize with the activities of PLAYERS, the latest projects by open innovation and the new service "VIBLO by &HAND" for the visually impaired.
In addition, you can try the service for pregnant women, called "smart maternity mark by &HAND”.


スマホで手助け ArigatoGuide




自走式車椅子 FA01

自走式車椅子 FA01 FA01






・ヤマハ製電動(電動アシスト)ユニット、アルバ製電動(電動アシスト)ユニット、アルバ製階段昇降機スカラモービル に対応。

Weldless wheelchair with innovative design never seen before!! Your only one custom-made wheelchair!

Folding type wheelchair which is easy to store, to rigid type wheelchair which can be comfortably use for long time ---It is able to change each time according to the body proportion of the children or users.
(Able to choose brake, foot support, size of casters etc.)

・Outstanding rigidity and vibration absorption. Straightness and turning performance and durability are outstanding!

・Correspond to Yamaha electric power(Electric power assisted) unit, Alber electric power(Electric power assisted)unit、Alber stairlift Scalamobil.

Braille Neue

Braille Neue

Braille Neue Project

Braille Neueは墨字と点字が一体になったユニバーサルな書体です。点字の設置・管理をするのは晴眼者であることが多く、点の摩耗や欠落による誤植を見逃したり、天地を間違えて設置してしまうことがありました。そして、点字の実装は新たにスペースを取るので、公共空間に必要最低限しか実装されてきませんでした。Braille Neueは、点字と墨字が一体になることで、それらの問題を解決します。また、視覚的に理解できることで、より多くの人が点字に触れ、理解するための環境をつくることができます。超福祉展開催中は渋谷ヒカリエの一部エレベーターのボタン部分にも設置しています。


GooN GooN

一般社団法人 超人スポーツ協会

GooNは生まれて間もない身体融合型の拡張器具です。これにより誰もが高い敏捷性をたやすく獲得できます。 「現代のテクノロジーでスポーツを再発明する」というコンセプトのもと、私達はGooNを使った革新的なスポーツを提案していきます。

GooN is a body fusion type expansion tool shortly after birth.
This makes it easy for everyone to gain high agility.
Under the concept of "reinventing sports with modern technology," we will propose innovative sports using GooN.


スライドリフト Sli-de-Rift

一般社団法人 超人スポーツ協会


the small tire connected sideways realize lateral movement.
Combined with the vector pointed at the desired direction you can drift.
The three point grounding by the wheel and tail can reduce the friction resistance with the ground and take the reaction of power assist.
the frame which fits the legs corresponds also to the coupler which can be detached.
anyone can be as one with Sli-de-Rift.


超福祉スポーツ共創プロジェクト Super Welfare Sports Co-Creation Project

一般社団法人 超人スポーツ協会


Various works born at sports creation places offered by the Superman Sports Society are released to the world with new appearance.

The first one is the exhibited projects.
Expressing the next generation that human beings and machinery blend together.

Various collaborations are about to create new value.

Synchronized Running

Synchronized Running

慶應義塾大学大学院 身体性メディアプロジェクト

『Synchronized Running』は盲人マラソンの伴走体験を支援する足首のサポーターです。
『Synchronized Running』を用いると、視覚障害者(黄色のサポーター)が地面を蹴り出すタイミングで伴走者(緑色のサポーター)に振動が伝わり、足を出すタイミングを揃えやすくなります。こうすることで、”どんな人同士でも”二人のランニングテンポが一致して、快適に走れる、”シンクロ体験”を実現します。

“Synchronized Running” is a running support system for the blind marathon. The device proposed is in the shape of a knee brace. 
The biggest issue in this sport is the lack of the guide runners that can assist the blind athletes. Moreover, the first time blind and sighted people run together, physical disparity often occurs. Therefore, it is difficult for blind and sighted people to match each other's running tempo.
By using “Synchronized Running”, when the blind runner’s foot hits the ground, the vibration is sent to the escort runner’s ankle brace. When the escort runner feels the vibration, she can understand the blind runner’s running tempo. This way, every pair can experience comfortable, enjoyable, and synchronized running despite any handicap, through adjusting and understanding each other’s running tempo.



慶應義塾大学大学院 身体性メディアプロジェクト

義手と楽器を融合させた義手楽器「Musiarm」は身体の一部を楽器とした演奏を可能にし、音楽表現に機能させます。当事者だからこそ持ち得る「固有の能力」を引き出し、直感的なパフォーマンスを実現します。Musiarm TronSはクラシックタイプの義手楽器です。スライド機構を使用して音楽演奏を行います。
Musiarm Eleee & Bileeeは音階をネックにマッピングし、プッシュ機構を使用して音楽演奏を行い、腕の動作で音にエフェクトをかけます。
Musiarm Dribleはリズムを奏でるタイプの義手楽器です。スイッチを叩くことでリズムを刻み、締め付けることで音を変化させます。

The artificial musical instrument "Musiarm" that fused prosthesis arm and musical instruments makes a part of the body possible as a musical instrument and makes it work for musical expression. Because it is a handicapped people, it draws out "unique ability" which can possess, realizing intuitive performance. "Musiarm TronS" is a classic type of artificial instrument. Perform music performance using the slide mechanism. "Musiam Eleee & Bileee" maps the scale to the neck, performs music performance using the push mechanism, and applies the effect to the sound by the movement of the arm. "Musiarm Drible" is a type of artificial instrument playing rhythm. By tapping the switch, you can tune the rhythm and change the sound by tightening it.



慶應義塾大学大学院 身体性メディアプロジェクト


Sunrium is a multi lighting that reproducing the change of sunlight and the resulting shadow when you spend time outdoors from morning till evening.   In indoor rooms, hospitals, basement rooms etc, where it is difficult to enter sunlight, this lighting make you unconsciously feel the natural change of position and color of the light and shadow, creates a comfortable space and promotes healthy living. Moreover, by operating the light source from sunrise to sunset in a certain time, let you capture the time with the sense of light of day and shadow, and reduce the stress which ends in time.


楽器を纏う Wearing the Instrument



Wearing the Instrument is reconsideration of textiles in terms of the possibility of instruments by fusing the materialistic attraction of textiles with digital technology. By applying instrumental functions to the clothing, the distance between humans and instruments is brought as close to zero as possible. We think that elimination the distance between the instrument and the human help people feel more familiar with musical performance. Finally, we are aiming to create an instrument that can utilize practically in our lives, thinking of clothing design and the function of instrument mutually.

Touch the sound picnic

Touch the sound picnic



Visitors go on a picnic wearing ear muffs so they can hear no sound, and equipped with the artist’s self-built device that translates sound into vibration. The work will remind those who experience it how we automatically use our eyes, nose, skin or other part of the body, to sense what is happening around us once we are unable to perceive sounds with our ears. Suggested here is an alternative way of appreciating a sound installation without depending on hearing, through a tactile perception of sound instead.

Clap Light

Clap Light



"Clap Light" is attached to the palm of the hand, this device developed by the artist himself transforms the pressure generated by clapping one's hands into electricity, which is then used to light up LEDs.


スペースキューブ SpaceCUBE



SpaceCUBE is a 3D signage that displays images and videos on the surface of cubes. You can instantly add a photo or video content taken by a smartphone into the signage.

※こちらの展示品は、11/10-11の2日間のみ、サテライト会場の渋谷キャスト スペース(G階)にてご覧頂けます。

Webコア Innovation Suite

Webコア Innovation Suite WCIS


Webコア Innovation Suiteは、企業や学校の共創活動を支援する各種ツールを提供しています。

The Web core Innovation Suite provides various tools to support corporate and school co-creation activities.

※こちらの展示品は、11/10のみ、サテライト会場の渋谷キャスト スペース(G階)にてご覧頂けます。

Fujitsu Software LiveTalk

Fujitsu Software LiveTalk



LiveTalk is a multilingual communication tool that supports speech-to-text conversion and language translation in real time.


AIがサポートする市民参加型見守りサービス Adult Care Service with AI



Follower Support System (FSS) is an idea or mechanism to increase so called nosy-busybody in the society for the achievement of society where a little trouble would not cause much worry. In specific, this system enables the supporters of dementia patients to provide useful information or hints to the concern parties (family member etc.) by using smartphone, AI(Image analysis) etc., and thus can support them in searching such patients in case of they go missing.


電子コレオグラフィ Electronic choreography

富士通株式会社、Yume Cloud Inc.


Aiming to realize a support system which is simple and enjoyable, and a large number of spectators in the stadium can be involved to support. In electronic choreography (human formed letters), spectators forms choreography using flashing gadget which can be remote controlled electronically.


人の状態がわかるIoT技術 Human Sensing Connected Technology



Fujitsu will present the IoT technology such as to see whether the person is standing, sitting, or has fallen down to the ground by analyzing the data collected by sensor device.


Serenbler™ (セレンブラー) Serendipity Tumbler



We are currently developing a service called "Serenbler", which utilizes gadgets with IoT and digital signage function. Serenbler is a coined term of "Serendipity" + "Tumbler", a product registered trademark by Fujitsu.

Serendipity means discovering something unexpectedly, accidentally find something nice, or accidentally find something that worth different from your expectation. Users will be able to receive messages and ads by their matching context from the air, aiming anyone to visuallly access to the information they need.

K-12 コミュニケーション支援 きもち日記

K-12 コミュニケーション支援 きもち日記




"Kimochi diary" supports learning of children's communication and sentence expression. It is a sofware suporting Children with developmental and intellectual disabilities, to express their feeings and experiences themselves by 5W1H format diary.

To realize a symbiotic society, the country promotes construction of an inclusive education system in which to aim any children learn under the same educational environment whether with or without intellectual diabilities.This software supports empathy and sentence expressions for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which are facing difficultly to communicate by their own experiences and feelings which are important in education.

This software has been developed through collaborative research amongst industry and academia aimed to provide by reasonable low consideration, under the Faculty of Education, Kagawa University.

Body Sharing Robot NIN_NIN

Body Sharing Robot NIN_NIN



きっと綺麗事ではなく、 今までよりも優しい世界が広がるはずです。


ゲームで学べる手話辞典 Learn & Play! Sign Language Dictionary


手話アプリケーションとして初めて、公益社団法人東京聴覚障害者総合支援機構 東京都聴覚障害者連盟から推薦を受けたほか、一般財団法人 国際ユニヴァーサルデザイン協議会主催の「 IAUDアウォード2014」において銀賞を受賞しています。

By using the app, you can learn more than 3,000 words of sign language with 360 degree rotatable 3D animation. You can also play RPG game and fight monsters using sign languages.

Externalization of the Soul

Externalization of the Soul


『Externalization of the Soul』はMore Than Human(坂巻善徳 a.k.a. Sense & 小林武人)による作品/インスタレーション。腕や足を欠損したとしても、それぞれの“魂を外部化”したアート義肢/医療器具を身につけることにより、身体の欠損を隠すのではなく、特質の一部であると認識する手助けになるよう制作された。「美しい」ものや「カッコイイ」ものを装着できるということが、個人のネガティビティをポジティブなものに転換する。「アート」が人に「誇り」をもたせ、誇りが人を美しく、強くする。個人のアイデンティティの肯定は他人との差異の許容となり、多様性溢れる社会の礎となる。

“Externalization of the Soul” is works/installation created by “More Than Human”(Yoshinori Sakamaki a.k.a. Sense & Taketo Kobayashi). Those artworks were created to be a part of help for amputee/patient to recognize that amputation/sickness is not a “disability” but a characteristics of a person. We believe wearing something beautiful, something cool can change personal negativities coming from disorder of body into positives. Those artworks reflecting people wish, hope, Idea are the “Externalization of the Soul”. The art make people proud of themselves and pride make people beautiful and strong. We hope those acceptance of each of our own identity leads it to tolerance toward difference of each other. We need that tolerance to create diversity in our community and society.




音は時に平等です。それは振動さえをも持っているのだから。私たちが目指すのは、“当たり前のことを、当たり前に拡張すること" そして、”それが音と同じく心を震わせるソリューションであること” です。「SARF」は、Sound Augmented Reality Factoryの略で、「音声AR体験」の社会への実装・普及を目指しています。「音楽コンテンツを含むサウンド(聴覚)」と「デバイスの機能である振動(感覚)」を利用した拡張現実(AR)コンテンツを「様々な社会ソリューション」「没入型エンタテインメント」としてリリースして参ります。

Sound, is at times impartial. As It even contains vibration. What we are aiming for is "to expand the natural, naturally," and “for it to be the solution that trembles your heart, as much as it does the sound”. "SARF" stands for Sound Augmented Reality Factory, and aims to implement and spread "Sound AR Experience" in the society.We will release Augmented Reality (AR) content using “sound (audibility), including musical contents“ and "vibration (sensation) as a function of the device" as "various social solutions" and "immersive entertainment".

Accessibility on Surface

Microsoft Accessibility on Surface



Accessibility features to support peole with visual, physical, cognitive difficulties etc., with the latest devices.

Accessibility on Surface

Microsoft Office Lens


書類やホワイトボードの内容を撮影した画像をトリミングし、画質を高め、OCR機能で読み取り可能なテキストデータにできます。その場で音声で読み上げたり、編集可能なPDF ファイル、Word ファイル、PowerPoint プレゼンテーションに変換できます。

Office Lens trims, enhances and makes pictures of documents and whiteboards readable text data using OCR function. Office Lens can read loud, and convert images to editable PDF, Word and PowerPoint files too.

Accessibility on Surface

Microsoft Seeing AI


あなたの周りの世界を音声で読み上げてくれる無料アプリです。カメラ越しの風景やオブジェクトを AI が解析し、結果を音声で伝えてくれます。人物を写すとその人の表情や年齢を推測したり、書かれた文章を文字認識して読み上げることができます。

A free app that narrates the world around you. Recognize and describe scene and objects through camera using power of AI, as well as emotion and approximate age of faces, and text of documents.